Maye Musk, the mother of Elon Musk, 1st septuagenarian in a jersey for “Sports Illustrated”

FASHION – Sports Illustrated break the codes again. The famous magazine unveiled this Monday, May 16, the different front pages of its 2022 swimsuit edition. We can see Kim Kardashian, singer Ciara, model and musician Yumi Nu, but also Maye Musk, mother of Elon Musk. A presence that is anything but anecdotal since the 74-year-old … Read more

the project is abandoned… but Starlink is still transmitting – Liberation

In February, “Liberation” went to meet the inhabitants of Saint-Senier-de-Beuvron (Manche) opposed to the installation, on their territory, of a ground station by the billionaire Elon Musk. In January, the project was finally repealed. Ticki and Opaline can bray in peace. In February, when we ventured on the land of these two donkeys, in Saint-Senier-de-Beuvron … Read more

Elon Musk’s mother is the first 70-year-old to pose in a swimsuit on the cover of Sports Illustrated

By Alexander Peters Published 3 hours ago, Update 3 hours ago Maye Musk during New York Fashion Week. (New York, February 16, 2022.) Getty After posing nude on the cover of New YorkMagazine, Maye Musk is once again shaking up the codes. She is the first septuagenarian to pose for a swimsuit edition of the … Read more

Elon Musk announces that the takeover of Twitter cannot be done without guarantee on fake accounts

Tesla’s CEO wants assurances that less than 5% of Twitter accounts are fake. The social network claims to want to go through with the transaction, at the agreed price. Tesla boss Elon Musk said on Tuesday that the takeover of Twitter would not be completed until he was guaranteed that less than 5% of the … Read more

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates… A stock market crash weakens several global fortunes

At the beginning of February, worried about seeing interest rates rise, investors suddenly became cautious on Wall Street. As a result, the shares fell and brought with them the loss of several billion dollars for many companies and, indirectly, on the fortunes of some of their big bosses. Moderna, Netflix, SnapChat, Tesla, Amazon… The French … Read more

Why Elon Musk panics the stock market

ANALYSIS – In addition to SpaceX, Elon Musk created Tesla, which has seeded all the global giants of the automotive industry. Dizzying, stratospheric… On the stock market, a week ago, Tesla’s valuation passed the trillion dollar mark last week – “trillion” in English – after a 12.66% rise in price on October 25. This surge … Read more

Elon Musk becomes first shareholder of the social network Twitter

The billionaire acquired a minority stake of 9.2%, but did not disclose his intentions. What is Elon Musk playing? The elusive founder of Tesla and SpaceX created a surprise on Monday by becoming the first shareholder of the social network Twitter. The richest man in the world, according to the Bloomberg ranking, owns 73.5 million … Read more

When the Indonesian president visits Elon Musk to talk about nickel

Indonesia has the largest reserves in the world, and Joko Widodo intends to develop an electric vehicle industry at home based on this metal. For an investor of the caliber of Elon Musk, Indonesian President Joko Widodo is willing to move. It was this Saturday that the meeting between the boss of Tesla and the … Read more