what are the best sausages for our health?

In a sausage “we mainly put pork lean and fat which are chopped and mixed. We add salt, sugar, spices and possibly aromatic herbs. We also put lactic acid bacteria so that it ferments well. And in most cases, we put nitrates and nitrites”, describes Sylvie Metzelard in Here we are! Sausages are mainly made … Read more

what is the flight attendant diet?

For all diet enthusiasts, there is a particularly strict food program, but which is intended to be very effective. The “air hostess” diet, also called the “Natman” diet, is a program that takes just four days. Its principle: lose almost 4 kg in record time, thanks in particular to a hypocaloric and hyperpoteinized diet. The … Read more

baby milk shortage turns political crisis for Biden

Published on : 05/14/2022 – 04:55 The United States faces a shortage of baby milk powder. And this shortage is turning into a political crisis for Joe Biden. Accused of inaction, the White House claims to do its best, but warns that this powdered milk crisis is likely to last. With our correspondent in Miami, … Read more

How to drink Japanese sake? Tips from a sake master

> How to drink Japanese sake? Tips from a sake master – YouTubeΣχετικά μεΤύποςΠνευματικά δικαιώματαΕπικοινωνήστε μαζί μαςΔημιουργοίΔιαφήμισηΠρογραμματιστέςΌροιΑπόρρητοΠολιτική και ασφάλειαΤρόπος λειτουργίας του YouTubeΔοκιμάστε νέες λειτουργίες .

Faced with the shortage, how to spice up your dishes without mustard?

SHORTAGE – According to the international research institute IRI, mustard is one of the five products most affected by inflation in France. Year on year, its price jumped 9.26%. But in addition to this surge, another difficulty is looming for consumers. After the shortage of sunflower oil, mustard is also beginning to desert supermarket shelves. … Read more

a summary of all the crises of the moment

American consumers are struggling to find many products right now, but the most serious shortage is infant formula. A situation which affects the most fragile and which is due to a multitude of factors, linked both to the pandemic and to inflation, and to a health scandal. “Miami families in despair,” writes the site of … Read more

Two out of three regional products obtain a good Nutri-Score according to UFC-Que Choisir

AFP, published on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 11:34 am Two thirds of French regional food products are well rated by the Nutri-Score, with an A, B or C score, assures UFC-Que Choisir in a study published on Tuesday, while the labeling system is regularly attacked by the manufacturers who believe that these products are … Read more

Better eat at the cinema? Vinegar popcorn and anti-waste cookies soon in theaters

CINEMA – Iced infusions, Japanese-inspired snacks or vegetable sorbets… The winners of the “Better eating at the cinema” competition, whose jury was chaired by chef Chloé Charles, unveiled at the beginning of May, invite you to indulge in cinemas. All while distinguishing itself from the products that are too greasy, salty or sweet usually offered. … Read more

3 good reasons to follow a Cretan diet

Do you want to change your diet to be healthier, without necessarily trying to lose weight? The Cretan Diet is made for you. This, which promotes the consumption of plants, quality fats and whole grains, has its origins in the traditional eating habits of the populations of countries around the Mediterranean Sea, such as Greece, … Read more