sanctions force Russia to recycle semiconductors from home appliances for its weapons, US says

The Russians would now use, for its military equipment, semiconductors recovered from dishwashers or refrigerators to circumvent the economic sanctions which prevent it from obtaining supplies. The losses of materials on the front, and the considerable consumption of ammunition begin to be felt hard in the war. And economic sanctions are not helping Russia. Read … Read more

Faced with the shortage, how to spice up your dishes without mustard?

SHORTAGE – According to the international research institute IRI, mustard is one of the five products most affected by inflation in France. Year on year, its price jumped 9.26%. But in addition to this surge, another difficulty is looming for consumers. After the shortage of sunflower oil, mustard is also beginning to desert supermarket shelves. … Read more

In the United States, the dismay of parents faced with the shortage of baby milk

In question, the supply problems accentuated by the closure of a factory of the manufacturer Abbott. The case took a political turn. “Creepy”, “frustrating”. It’s an unimaginable stressful situation for many American parents: The United States is experiencing a very rare shortage of baby milk. In question, the supply problems accentuated by the closure of … Read more

A return to normal that will take time to restore

Labor shortage, COVID-19 pandemic and rising food prices: the return to normal for restaurateurs could take longer than expected to return to February 2020 levels, according to a Desjardins economist. • Read also: Labor shortage: Quebec should welcome at least 70,000 immigrants a year, according to the PLQ • Read also: 15% of SMEs relocated … Read more