Tax procedures for holders of crypto-assets: what you need to know

It would be lying to say that today it is complicated to open an account on a trading platform and buy some cryptocurrencies there. Indeed, a KYC here, a transfer there, and here you are officially in the wonderful world of crypto! With the fluctuations of Bitcoin and its cronies, it is not impossible that some benefits are generated along the way. The period of tax procedures pointing the tip of its nose, the Journal du Coin and the Trading du Coin offer you an overview of your various legal obligations as a cryptocurrency owner.

Tax procedures: correctly declare your foreign asset accounts

The added value that you have been able to achieve, however small, does not escape our dear French administration. As you know, she’s always up for getting her share of the loot. Unfortunately, the complexity of tax requirements is a real trademark. The expression “why make it simple when you can make it complicated?” seems to have been made for her.

Thus, you are required to declare the accounts opened, closed, held or used during the past year and which are domiciled abroad. The French platforms like Justmining, FeelminingCoinHouse or Paymium therefore escape the process.

You must declare all your accounts abroad, including those in cryptocurrencies, even if you do not have funds or bitcoin or ethereum
All accounts held on these platforms must be declared to taxes, non-exhaustive list

The reporting of digital asset accounts occurs at the same time as the tax return. To do this, simply complete the form Cerfa 3916-BIS for each account held. One form per platform! Do not forget to attach it to your annual declaration. Also a process long and tedious if you own cryptocurrencies on different exchanges.

To simplify this process, Le Trading du coin offers the CryptoTax™ suite of tools. In fact, it allows automatically prefill your Cerfa forms with its Account Declaration service. And for the more adventurous, the sections and various information to be completed manually are described to you in This article.

Declaration of transactions carried out during the year

You have to report all transactions crypto/fiat of year N-1. You must also enter one by one the potential capital gains and losses realized over this period. The declaration concerns only the exchanges of cryptocurrencies to a traditional currency for an amount better than 305€. From this sum, it will be necessary to declare all your capital gains, however small they may be. The various transactions that led to this capital gain are also to be specified.

Calculation of the capital gain, it concerns the profits made when you convert your cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or solana into fiat currency
calculation of the capital gain associated with a transaction

This tedious calculation is to be carried out for each transaction, which hardly simplifies the task. The declaration of transactions is done just after the declaration of an account abroad. This time it’s the form Deer No. 2086 which is required. If a capital gain has been realized over the period, this must be reported in the box 3YEAR of the form 2042-C. In the case of a capital loss, it is on the box 3BN that should be indicated.

CryptoTax, the ultimate tool for your tax procedures

For people who have not held a trading diarydo not panic ! Exchange platforms keep history of your transactions. Most allow you to export them in .csv format in order to consolidate all the transactions carried out.

If you have neither the time nor the motivation to carry out these steps, the suite of CryptoTax™ tools can still be of great use to you. This allows you to:

  • To sychronize your different wallets and exchange platforms to recover all of the transactions carried out.
  • Calculate precisely the capital gain / loss realized to know the amounts to include in your declaration

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, the declaration stage is inevitable if you want be in good standing with your administration. And on this eve of tax season, the moment seems perfectly chosen to discover the CryptoTax tool offered by Coin Trading!

To make it easier for you, we suggest you take advantage of a 20% discount on the package CryptoTax™. Introductory offer, valid until April 21th uniquely !

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