The 7 telltale signs of a lack of vitamin D that should alert you

Many signs can make us understand that we lack certain nutritional values. Thus, it should be known that certain aspects can be put forward, making it possible to understand certain shortcomings in the diet, or in the hygiene of life. For this, we are going to show you the 7 signs that show that you are lacking in vitamin D.

Know that you lack vitamin D!

It is possible, by listening to your body and observing certain details, to realize that we are lacking in certain nutritional values.

Thus, we can know that we lack vitamin D thanks to its 7 signs!

Have dark skin

Dark skin may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency.

In fact, people with this sign may have 10 times more sun exposure than normal to produce this vitamin.

This is expressed by the pigments of the skin which are more difficult to put in place.

feel depressed

It happens that some people feel more or less depressed depending on certain situations.

Sometimes this may be due to elements outside our body, which impact our morale. But it can also represent a risk of lack of vitamin D.

Production of serotonin, the brain hormone associated with improved mood, increases with exposure to bright light and decreases if sun exposure decreases.

Being old represents a risk of lacking vitamin D!

It is true that age can impact the elements of our body at different doses..

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For this, it is necessary to know that you can represent a lack of this nutritional element if you are over 50 years old. Adults spend less time outdoors, and your kidneys become less efficient at converting the vitamin into the form your body uses.

To be overweight

Being overweight can bring many worries to our health and body.

But it can bring elements to a disadvantage in particular when it comes to vitamin D. It seems that you need more of this element than a thinner person. The same applies to people with high body weight due to their muscle mass.

Suffer from bone pain

Bone pain can also evoke this type of problem. Indeed, you should know that vitamin D has an important role in this area, since it provides many nutrients to our body.

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Many people who visit their doctors for aches and pains, especially associated with fatigue, are sometimes misdiagnosed as having fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. But it can also mean that these people are lacking in vitamin D. And that must be remedied!

Head sweat

This is a symptom that can often be misleading. Indeed, you should know that sweating from the head can often evoke this type of deficiency.

This is a rather suggestive sign since it is often due to a suggestive sign of vitamin D deficiency.

Intestinal disorders suggest vitamin D deficiency

Sometimes intestinal disorders can evoke many signs of illness. Whether it’s viruses or bacteria, few people think it comes from vitamin D deficiency.

Indeed, this vitamin brings a better absorption of fats, thus highlighting different nutritional contributions. But sometimes, if this deficiency is too high, it is necessary to know that it is possible to develop diseases.

This includes conditions like Crohn’s disease, celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and inflammatory bowel disease.

You should know that this vitamin is not like the others, since it is not absorbed through food. Indeed, it is created thanks to exposure to the sun.

In other words, it is produced by our body when we expose ourselves to the sun. But several populations are not equal to this exposure. It is estimated that 95% of seniors are vitamin D deficient.

And it is also believed that people over 70 produce less of this vitamin, which can bring the side effects we saw above.

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