The best tips for storing your fruits and vegetables for months, no more waste

Preserving fruits and vegetables can indeed sometimes be an obstacle course. But more and more of us are becoming aware of the importance of not wasting food. So, when our eyes are bigger than our stomachs when shopping, we have to find tips to keep our fruits and vegetables longer. Thanks to the advice thatObjection was able to glean on the Web, the conservation of fresh fruits and vegetables will have no more secrets for you. Some foods can even be stored for months! Without further ado, we present to you these amazing methods.

Keep your fruits and vegetables longer to fight against food waste

The first trick to fight against food waste is obviously to know how to control your consumption. Indeed, if you manage to buy exactly what you need for the week, there is no risk of ending up throwing away overripe fruits or vegetables. But we are not all experts on this side. This is why lots of tips are emerging on the Web to support us in this anti-waste approach. It is thanks to the advice of the magazine Feather and magazine Cosmopolitan thatObjection is now able to show you amazing methods to keep your fruits and vegetables longer.

Consuming fruits and vegetables is a goal that many French people aim for. Indeed, it is recommended to eat at least 5 a day, every day, to be healthy. But these are all foods that perish quickly. It is then necessary to find ways to prevent them from ending up in the trash. To become an expert in the art of avoiding overconsumption, the first advice that applies concerns the shopping list. By planning your meals for the week, no more waste. We will find ourselves not wasting a crumb of our precious fruits and vegetables. But the unexpected can happen and that’s where things go wrong.

Several surprising methods

The first reflex when you want to keep your fruits and vegetables longer is to put them in the fridge. But the humidity in our fridge can actually do other kinds of damage. Thus, the first advice will be to place absorbent paper under the vegetables stored in the fridge. A paper that will have to be changed from time to time to prevent it from being too soaked in water too.

But beware, Objection won’t teach you that not all fruits and vegetables belong in the refrigerator. Indeed, tomatoes for example, will lose all their flavors. Since they are full of water, he therefore avoids imposing sudden changes in temperature. To preserve its fruits and vegetables which are full of water, the best is still to consume them without delay.

A trick that works particularly well, to keep fruits and vegetables longer, concerns garlic and potatoes. For garlic, whole months of storage await you. It is then enough to condition it by separating the pods from each other. Place them in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer. You can also decide to cut astronomical quantities of garlic to place them in these famous bags. And to compartmentalize them, nothing better than ice cube trays.

Regarding potatoes, the star of the “keep your fruits and vegetables longer” section, there is also a tip. To do this, place them in a cool, dry place, away from light. For at least 4 months, they will stay nice and firm. For the temperature, the thermometer should indicate 4 degrees.

Finally, to keep fruits and vegetables longer, onions have an amazing method. To prolong their life, simply package them in pairs of tights. An onion, a knot, an onion… But again, aim for a dark and dry place to optimize their conservation.

As our colleagues point out, there are still dozens of tips that flourish on the Web. Everyone has unlikely ways to store fruits and vegetables longer. We therefore hope that these will be of use to you.

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