The lawyers of the Russian opponent arrested after his trial

Lawyers for Russian opponent Alexei Navalny were arrested on Tuesday outside the penal colony in which he had been sentenced a few minutes earlier to 9 years in prison.

A suspicious motive

Olga Mikhaïlova and Vadim Kobzev were arrested on the grounds, it seems, that they were obstructing traffic in front of the prison by speaking with the press. The main opponent of the country, who is already serving a sentence for “fraud”, had been found guilty of “fraud” and “contempt of court”, as many charges which he denounces as political.

For Navalny, Putin is “afraid of the truth”

Alexei Navalny promised on Tuesday to continue his fight against the Kremlin and considered that Vladimir Putin was “afraid of the truth”, in a series of tweets published just after his sentence to nine years in prison. “Putin is afraid of the truth, I have always said that. The fight against censorship, bringing the truth to the people of Russia, remains our priority,” he wrote.

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