The price of this basic product is soaring, and it is neither oil nor pasta according to 60 million consumers

60 million consumers is a magazine that deals with different subjects in order to provide studies and analyzes on many things. Recently, he alerted about the big increase in the price of a specific product.

60 million consumers, an essential magazine?

It is a magazine that is known in France for its many studies and alerts on many aspects.

Indeed, you should know that it is now becoming important to take an interest in different aspects of our daily lives and our society.

Many aspects change, allowing to highlight certain concerns that oppose certain decisions. But the magazine 60 million consumers sheds light on several problems that can affect many subjects.

It can concern jobs, lifestyles, but also the food we eat. The latter is often subject to a more or less significant price increase, which can sometimes spoil the lives of French men and women.

An important aspect to take into account, since the latter can in particular evoke more serious problems. Like a lack of raw materials, or a problem with the production method.

The magazine is particularly known for alerting consumers to various critical aspects. Like recently, when he specified a significant increase in the price of a specific food item.

An inflation that affects many products!

For many years, inflation has affected many products, which can cause real disorder in the French economy.

Indeed, it should be known that the prices are brought to be increased or decreased according to the courses of the prices. This is based on different aspects, which sometimes go back to the beginning of the food chain.

Thus, you should know that this can be explained by an increase in the price of raw materials, which increases the selling price. But this increase is also driven by different external and political aspects. In other words, armed conflicts and different political decisions can bring this kind of effects.

Today, you should know that 68% of the products that are marketed are affected by inflation. To precisely measure these price increases, 60 Millions de consommateurs has created a “ Inflation Observatory“.

Thus, several products stood out on the increase they suffered. In particular pasta, which saw an increase of 12.3% over one year. But one product seems to beat that and this one is also amazing!

This is thus frozen meat, which experienced an inflation of 4.2%, even going up to 5.8% for private label products.

Among the most impacted meats: duck, guinea fowl, veal and rabbit The latter experienced an increase of 6.3%.

Beef is experiencing an exceptional inflation of 6% and pork meat seems to be quite moderate since it is experiencing an inflation of 2.5%.

But these increases, according to 60 million consumers, can bring a real imbalance to the French economy.

60 million consumers alert!

You should know that the price of meat, according to 60 million consumers, will still change in the coming weeks.

And the reason for this increase is linked to the increase in energy and animal feed. Moreover, the war currently raging in Ukraine should accentuate this phenomenon. Because the two countries in conflict are major exporters of this type of energy.

But the increase in prices impacts the French in different ways. Indeed, everyone does not have the same purchasing power, which can be seen in particular with the increase in the price of fuel which is currently rampant.

Thus, 60 million consumers Alert on the damage that this can cause. He even highlighted the increase in the average basket of French people, which is 3.7%.

And it is not the rarest or most specific products that are impacted by this event. Indeed, these are the basic products, such as flour, olive oil, cereal-based foods and preserves.

And according to this magazine, it is the most modest families who should be impacted by this rise in prices: “ It is therefore the most modest families who are currently affected by the largest increases.“.

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