the United States orders members of its consulate to leave Shanghai

The US State Department has “ordered the departure” of non-essential staff from the consulate in Shanghai “due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.”

The United States has ordered non-essential employees of its consulate in Shanghai to leave the city, against the backdrop of an epidemic outbreak and strict containment measures in the Chinese metropolis, the American embassy said on Tuesday.

China’s economic capital is facing its biggest surge in cases since the start of the pandemic. Authorities have locked down almost all of the 25 million residents and are placing those who test positive in quarantine centres.

It is in this context that the US State Department has “ordered the departure (of its staff) due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic”, said a spokesperson for the United States Embassy. United in a statement.

“Security Concerns”

The American diplomats also informed the Chinese authorities “of their concerns regarding the safety and well-being of American citizens”, specifies the text.

China is one of the last countries in the world to apply a strict zero Covid strategy.

It consists of several measures: confinements as soon as a few cases appear, separation of people who test positive from the rest of the population, visas issued drop by drop, quarantine on arrival in the territory or even tracing of movements.

The Chinese Ministry of Health reported more than 23,000 new positive cases in Shanghai on Tuesday. Almost all of its 25 million inhabitants are still confined to their homes, with some having difficulty recovering food.

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