this drama that prompted Elon Musk to embark on the race to the stars

To discover on Netflix “Back in space”, an excellent documentary which looks back on all the Space X adventure that we owe to a man, Elon Musk. Who had a reason to embark on this space race. We explain to you.

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Since his earliest childhood, Elon Musk has turned his face to the stars, dreaming of the day when human beings will once again colonize this limitless space. “You imagine ? It has been more than fifty years since Man has set foot on the lunar soil. Fifty years !he is indignant in the excellent documentary “back in spaceavailable on Netflix. I who have always dreamed of seeing Man land on Mars, I told myself that it was frankly not won!“That’s why the billionaire businessman from South Africa and creator of the revolutionary car brand Tesla decided to embark on the conquest of space in 2002.

A drama at the origin of its revolutionary rocket

Making available to NASA (the American space agency) not only its private funds but also its teams of engineers and designers. But it was not only the dream of treading the lunar or Martian soils of a teenager at the origin of the implementation of his company Space X, then of the Falcon launcher and finally of the Dragon capsule (really active since 2020). Which today allow many astronauts – including recently our Frenchman Thomas Pesquet – to be able to reach the International Space Station. No, there is also a drama that has upset Elon Musk’s vision: “In 1986, I was a college student and like many I watched the takeoff of the Challenger space shuttle, which took a literature professor on board for the first time. I found it crazy that finally an anonymous person could be part of this adventure.”

An upset teenager

But alas, a few minutes after takeoff, the spacecraft explodes. Under the eyes of thousands of people massed Cape Canaveral and others massed in front of their television. Like young Elon. “I was flabbergasted and sad. And I said to myself that one day if I had the opportunity, I would bet everything on the safety of the occupants of the shuttleThis is why he insisted with his Space X teams that the capsule containing the astronauts be safe and truly dissociated from its launcher. And that in the event of an accident, it be autonomous and bring everyone back. safe and sound on dry land. A great adventure, full of hope…

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