Towards a postponement for several years of Elon Musk’s Mars project?

Does the space colonization desired by Elon Musk have lead in the wing? In any case, the leader of SpaceX gave a fairly explicit clue via his Twitter account. Responding to a tweet evoking the 1969 lunar expedition, and mentioning a similar trip to Mars, the billionaire split a very short message: “2029”. Initially, Elon Musk was considering a human expedition to Mars for 2024, but had already had to postpone it to 2026 last December, reports the Ulyces site. It is therefore perhaps a new blow for this extraordinary project, with the obligation for its instigator to review its copy a little.

SpaceX could head for the Moon in 2025, details the site. Going to Mars in the following years would make the challenge even more difficult. But, lately, Elon Musk has kept his promise to sell all his properties to devote himself fully to this most ambitious goal, which he has been hammering for some time now. One way perhaps to bet everything on the colonization of Mars.

Starship, the rocket used to serve the Moon, but which will also be used to go to Mars thereafter, is currently undergoing new modifications in order to better predict and consider these deadlines. According to Ulyces, a new attempt to travel into orbit could take place as early as next month. The current geopolitical context, with the war in Ukraine, could also force Elon Musk to show more caution. Franceinfo also recalls that the ExoMars mission, a collaboration between Europe and Russia, was suspended following the conflict.

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