United States: how Donald Trump Jr wanted to overturn the 2020 election

Ds November 3, 2020, when Donald Trump began to feel that the renewal of his mandate was probably going to escape him, his clan was ready to do anything to prevent the coming to power of Joe Biden. All means, or almost, have been considered. The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, 42, and his 36-year-old brother, Eric Trump, have mounted a fundraising campaign to fund legal efforts to challenge election results in key states won by Joe Biden. Particularly present on Twitter, Donald Trump Jr is at that time one of the fiercest – and most aggressive – defenders of his father, who still refuses to recognize the victory of Joe Biden, two weeks after the announcement of the results. of the presidential. A few days after the election, he called for “total war” against what he considered to be “fraud” and “cheating”.

This frenetic commitment is illustrated today in elements revealed by CNN, which evokes text messages sent by Donald Trump Jr to Mark Meadows, chief of staff of the White House at the time of the elections. On November 5, two days after the election and while the votes were still being counted, the son of the president at the end of his mandate assured his interlocutor that his camp “has operational control” to ensure that he is re-elected. He presents him with a number of ideas to overturn the verdict. “That’s what we have to do,” he writes, presenting his solutions. Among them, lawsuits and appeals intended to prevent certain key States with tight results from validating their results. But none worked.

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“Fire Wray, fire Fauci”

According to CNN, Donald Trump Jr’s message reveals how the Trump clan hoped to seize the election before Joe Biden could be declared the winner, by mobilizing the tools available to the government in place to intervene in the democratic process. More than 60 lawsuits have failed in key states because they were deemed unfounded. In a last-ditch attempt to ensure his camp has significant influence in the country, Donald Trump’s eldest son concludes his message by asking Mark Meadows to place followers in key positions.

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“Fire Wray, fire Fauci,” he wrote, mentioning FBI Director Christopher Wray and White House adviser on the Covid crisis, Anthony Fauci. He offers several names and asks that the United States Attorney General “select a special prosecutor” for the “computer from hell” case that would reveal the crimes of the Biden family. Christopher Wray is still in office, the attorney general left a few weeks after the ballot without appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the Bidens.

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