University restaurants without meals during Ramadan!

Aymen Boubaker, member of the UGET executive bureau, assured that “Since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the UGET has received several complaints concerning the lack of iftar meals in several university restaurants”.

In a statement to TAP, the union official clarified that it is either incomplete meals or downright unavailable following the closure of certain restaurants.

In this context, he indicated that the university restaurant of the city El Isken in Ben Arous, closed for infrastructure problems, guaranteed 60 meals, during this month of Ramadan, while its capacity amounts to 450 .

“This situation has prompted students to resort to other restaurants close to the university campus, particularly in the absence of means of transport”, he added, noting that the UGET had already sent a complaint to this effect. , for two weeks, at the office of university works in the north and has not received any response to date.

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