Unsold items at bargain prices, the clever anti-waste in the Toulon metropolis

In 2016, a figure falls. Alarming. 10 million tons of food are thrown away every year in France. It is to fight against this aberration that the application Too good to go is born, which connects traders and users to save unsold goods, at the end of the day, in the form of surprise baskets sold at low prices. A way for merchants to revalue their losses by sometimes reaching new customers, when customers benefit from good products at a lower cost. While fighting against food waste. Win-win!

130 partner businesses in the sector

Certified B-Corp. (1)the application appeared in Toulon and La Seyne in May 2017, and has since been developed everywhere. It now has some 130 partner brands in the sector, and has retained 21,500 users since its start, which represents 122,600 “saved” baskets, according to the established expression of the creators of Too good to go.

Among them, local food shops, restaurants or even supermarkets, which take inventory at the end of service and offer their unsold products on the site, to be collected in a specific niche. And the phenomenon is a hit! We visited three of them in Toulon. One of each “category”. Who explain to us how they work. Downloading the application will obviously allow you to be more exhaustive.

1. This label launched in the United States in 2006 rewards companies with a positive societal and environmental impact.

Bakery: the original workshop

Sarah and Jérémy were among the first traders from Toulon to use the application. (Photo EN).

They were among the first to play the game when the application landed in Toulon. “At the time, we were still in Claret”explain Sarah and Jérémy Borréani, the managers of the original Atelier, about to open a third shop in the halls, after the one located on Place d’Armes and that of La Loubière.

The couple was not difficult to convince of the usefulness of the approach. “We tend to fill our windows well, to have a lot of choice”they smile. And by the way, a lot of unsold, sometimes. “It allows you not to throw away, and at the same time, to please those who don’t have too much money. Basically, we get back 500 e a month thanks to that.”

Thus, just before the closing of the bakery-pastry shop, around 7 p.m., the saleswoman takes stock with her bosses of the remaining items. And let’s go for the making of the “baskets”. “There are always cakes or pastries, bread or salty.”

From a value of 10 e – “more often from 12-18 e” – the lots are resold for 4th. to students, but not only. “We also see a lot of elderly people, and families.” Sarah and Jeremy add: “When we can, we try to take into account the food intolerances or religious choices of our customers. But we must not forget that the purpose of unsold items is that we offer what is left…”

Restaurant: cabbage leaf

Fabien Bonin, here with his waitress Mathilda, is happy to “save baskets”. (Photo EN).

It was in December 2019, just before the pandemic, that Fabien Bonin took over the restaurant La Feuille de chou, in the heart of the city. A restaurant of which he is the manager and the chef. At the beginning of the year, he joined the small community of Too good to go. “I like the approachhe confides. Especially because the issue of food waste is something that has always challenged me. Throwing away, when you’re a restaurant owner, always hurts your heart.”

So when the service is over, Fabien takes a look at his daily specials. “When we have leftovers, we often serve them to the staff. But there are not many of us.” And instead of uneaten meals ending up in the trash, the man logs into the app and makes them available.

The main course and dessert formula, offered at the restaurant at 16.90 e, is for example resold for 5.99 e at the start of the afternoon. Of this price, e4.47 are returned to the merchant. “We don’t make moneyhe details. But economically, it lowers the cost of the raw material. has helped to minimize the impact of purchases.”

it also allows “to create contact with new customers, who would not necessarily have come to the restaurant”emphasizes Fabien Bonin. Who ends, with a big smile: “In fact, simply, when we manage to save baskets, I am satisfied.”

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