US claims to have thwarted global cyberattack from thousands of Russian malware

In recent weeks, the United States has reportedly prevented a massive cyberattack by Russia against American and European infrastructure. Indeed, according to The New York Times relayed by PhonAndroidThe US Attorney General announced on Wednesday that his country had secretly removed thousands of Russian malware that had infiltrated computer networks around the world.

According to the American authorities, this measure made it possible to prevent the Russians from attacking the banking institutions, the pipelines or the electricity network of the country. According to them, the Russian secret services controlled networks of private computers infected with malware whose purpose was not clearly defined.

International cooperation

Governments and intelligence agencies around the world worked together to deflect this cyberattack. US courts have also issued secret orders to allow the Justice Department and the FBI to penetrate these international corporate networks and remove Russian malware.

According to our colleagues, the Americans are particularly worried since the attack against the European Viasat satellite system. According to recent statements from the Pentagon, the latter may have revealed exploitable flaws. Chinese hackers have already taken advantage of the war in Ukraine to recover sensitive data.

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