VIDEO. “My reserves are insufficient”: In Shanghai, the confinement makes the supply of food very difficult

The street is deserted. Under a perfectly radiant sky, agents in blue coats come to distribute large boxes to residents of Shanghai neighborhoods. Food parcels. These stagings are carefully organized by the regime and then broadcast. This is how the Chinese authorities intend to counter the images of supermarkets with empty stalls circulating on social networks. Images of fights for food in the megalopolis even shook the web at the end of March. On the eleventh day of confinement, supermarkets in Shanghai are still closed, and despite the announcement of the easing of restrictions, the food situation remains precarious.

“I have some flour but unfortunately the milk has expired, I can’t make pancakes. My reserves are insufficient. Marek Narozniak fakes a smile. This Polish student had to move shortly before the start of confinement. But one morning, he woke up in a residence surrounded by a fence. Now subject to drastic confinement, the young man composes his meals mainly from cupboard funds. An anxiety-provoking situation for Marek: “Who knows what could happen tomorrow? Who knows if the packages will arrive or not? “. Watch his video testimony.

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