“We have created an offense of inappropriate gesture”, says the lawyer for the clerk

What do you blame for the judicial process which led to the indictment of Francis Akaighe?

Rarely have I seen anyone abused in this way after an investigation that I am told has…

What do you blame for the judicial process which led to the indictment of Francis Akaighe?

I have rarely seen someone being manhandled in this way after an investigation which I am told was long and detailed… In a few days, this man, of whom everyone only says good things in a professional and human for thirty years, finds himself pilloried after the statements made by a single complainant. But he is also indicted for acts he allegedly committed to the detriment of collaborators, who refuse to file a complaint!

Precisely, the collaborators of the clerk evoke attitudes that are at the very least inappropriate…

Here we are ! Our time has created the offense of inappropriate gesture! What are these ladies saying? That Mr. Akaighe had too affectionate an attitude towards her. I am surprised because two of these witnesses, who did not file a complaint, do not consider these hugs to be sexual assaults. It would have lasted for thirty years and for thirty years, these ladies never said anything.

We can argue that the weight of the hierarchical relationship dissuaded them…

You should know that Mr. Akaighe, in his professional life, has never posed any particular problems. He himself says that he is extremely warm with the people around him. But because he kisses goodbye to a young intern, this fact alone earns him a qualification for sexual assault! This takes on quite extraordinary proportions! We can judge Mr. Akaighe’s behavior with his own morality, but we are talking about a criminal offense here.

There is a complainant who felt that this was one…

I take the liberty of specifying that this woman has difficulties with a lot of people, that she was entangled in a judicial liquidation, that she did not want to pay any contractual relationship that she had to honor and that she even went lodge a complaint against a doctor in the context of a work stoppage. We are in a very specific context.

Where is Francis Akaighe today?

The investigating chamber decided that he could resume his activities as clerk of the commercial court, but at the same time, the public prosecutor of Mont-de-Marsan seized the judicial court to suspend Mr. Akaighe and that directors be appointed. We are awaiting this judgment. We no longer know in which professional legal framework we find ourselves. I am also very surprised at the legal qualifications used by the prosecutor, who qualifies witnesses as victims. Legal qualifications make sense. A victim is recognized as such, first, when one is a plaintiff, and then, during the judgment of a tribunal. I remind you for all intents and purposes that Mr. Akaighe is presumed innocent. Let it be treated as such.

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