when an influencer works for a restaurant

Julie Lopez is also a fan of yoga and Californian cuisine. It is on this last point that she got on well with the owners of the restaurant on boulevard Garnier, Chez Odil, who offered to collaborate on the new menu. “They notably asked me to add color to the plates,” she explains. She was also responsible for recruiting the new chef Arthur Wollenweber.

pink rice

On the menu, for example, customers will be able to find on their plate sushi rolls with pink rice flavored with beetroot. Let the meat lovers be reassured, burgers will also be in the news. With its 44,000 followers, which can be translated as followers or disciples, the Royannaise has a considerable strike force in terms of communication. “That’s what we were looking for. This type of collaboration, which affects all areas of society, is increasingly being done in the catering industry,” says restaurant manager Julien Martin.

Chez Odil will also offer, this year, a bar area separate from the restaurant. The various containers were reassembled on site to reopen on time this Wednesday, April 13.

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