Why Elon Musk panics the stock market

ANALYSIS – In addition to SpaceX, Elon Musk created Tesla, which has seeded all the global giants of the automotive industry.

Dizzying, stratospheric… On the stock market, a week ago, Tesla’s valuation passed the trillion dollar mark last week – “trillion” in English – after a 12.66% rise in price on October 25. This surge was caused by an order from the Hertz rental company for 100,000 Model 3s, the best-selling car in Europe last September. In one year, the financial value of the Californian manufacturer, already staggering, has doubled. Of course, he benefits from the aura of Elon Musk, a brilliant creator whose success at SpaceX trickles down to Tesla and its stock price.

In its run, Tesla has sown all the global giants of the automotive industry. The world number one, the Japanese Toyota, is now worth almost four times less on the stock market. General Motors, the American leader, thirteen times less. Renault a hundred times… Tesla, which sold less than 500,000 cars last year when Toyota sold 9.5 million, is it really worth this astronomical amount?

This trillion mark

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